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Your time

“When 24 hours a day just doesn’t seem enough …”

We understand that each hour in your day is valuable, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Let’s simplify your operations together while you grow your team and do what you love.

Boyd is ideas-rich, but time-poor. He started his cleaning business a year ago and it took off like a rocket. He knows his craft and he knows how to communicate. His customers love him and new referrals keep coming in the door.

But 12 months in, Boyd is facing a disturbing hurdle. The complexity of back-office work is threatening to grind him to a halt. At first, he could cope fine – actually he enjoyed getting into the books and learning his numbers. But now a shift has taken place and it’s just not working.

At the end of a tiring day, Boyd is more and more unable (and unmotivated) to deal with the fiddly ins and outs of payroll and bookkeeping. But he knows it needs to be done, and it’s starting to weigh heavily on him. He’s dropping the ball on deadlines and his customers are starting to notice. Worse, less time with his two young children, and a cranky mood, are becoming the norm.

Boyd doesn’t want his business or his family to suffer. He needs to claw back time, and he needs to do it soon. Boyd is drowning in his own busyness.

Boyd is looking to come up for air and get some help.


Being a responsible business owner can be overwhelming and time-consuming:

Your business accounts become backlogged and unreliable

  • You don’t have the expertise within your team for the changing complexities of bookkeeping and payroll
  • You’re frustrated and annoyed by hours spent in the books that feels like dead time
  • You are stressed by even more time you spend fixing mistakes, compounding your pain
  • No matter how much you do, the amount to be done just seems to grow
  • You are heavily burdened by a gnawing worry about your ATO compliance


All this leads you to difficult questions:

  • “How can I grow my business when I’m constantly dragged down by bookkeeping and payroll tasks?”
  • “Where can I find help that’s really going to make a difference to me?”

We offer you a practical solution to these problems:

  • Regular, reliable processing of your bookkeeping (no matter how big or small)
  • Experienced handling of your payroll and superannuation
  • Preparation and management of your ATO activity statement and compliance like GST, PAYG, superannuation and Single Touch Payroll


So that you can experience:

  • The relief of having a clear way to make your time demands more manageable
  • More headspace to focus your time in the areas of your strength, skill and passion
  • Predictability in your bookkeeping and payroll management in times of change and handover
Shot of young designers working in a modern office
"Before Ed from Exdia came along our books were in a bit of a shambles and I knew if we didn’t do something soon it was going to get a whole lot worse. Ed was recommended to us by our accountant and we are forever grateful"
Danii Leatherbarrow
Business Owner (former), The Property Co. Realty

Your money

"When making cents isn’t making sense …"

Your financial well being and responsibilities are important to us. Clear, timely figures help give you the insights you need for wise decision making.

Lillian and Raul are numbers people, and they’re worried. There are two things that are bugging them.

First, their numbers are becoming less and less clear to them. As their business grows, they’re rightly investing themselves into strategy, growth and operations. But the attention they once gave to financial details isn’t there like it used to be.

It’s not that they don’t understand the numbers, it’s that they’re losing confidence in their accuracy and reliability. They don’t feel confident they’ve actually got a clear picture of what’s going on. And as business owners, this is a real stress point for them.

Second, Lillian and Raul have been around long enough to know that doing the books themselves is not a good long-term solution. Yes, it will get the attention it needs, but how will the rest of their business suffer?

Yet at the same time Lillian and Raul don’t have the funds to invest in another staff member. Setting up a workspace, worker’s compensation, onboarding, training, superannuation – all costs that sound like a big risk. What if it doesn’t work out, or the new hire doesn’t have the required expertise and skill? They’ll be back to square one and worse off financially for it.

Lillian and Raul can see it’s not logical for them to do their own books, but they desperately want the business insights that good bookkeeping brings.

Raul and Lillian are looking for a way out of their dilemma that’s easy and makes good economic sense.

Getting clarity around business revenue and available funds is crucial to you as a business owner. But does it feel as if you are:

  • Constantly needing to juggle money around and you can’t identify the cause?
  • Regularly caught unexpectedly lacking funds and therefore at odds with suppliers and staff?
  • Not aware of upcoming liabilities and how they will affect you?
  • Struggling with old ways of managing your finances that aren’t working any more?


The resulting uncertainty may be all too familiar. You may be left with more questions than you have answers which makes it difficult to see ahead:

  • “Is my business running out of funds, but I just can’t see it clearly?”
  • “How can I be on the front foot to know how my finances are going?”

We work with you to:

  • Develop a consistent, balanced approach to keeping track of your business finances and reserves
  • Get real, helpful, regular reporting into your hands so you can identify “red flags” and put strategies in place
  • Integrate the “back office” functions of your bookkeeping, payroll and BAS with the operations of your business
  • Help you as the owner of your business to keep your finger on the financial pulse


So you can experience:

  • Seeing clearly what is actually happening in your business (not just fluffy or old information)
  • Making decisions and setting goals that tie in with a known financial picture


“We have always struggled with keeping up with our books and understanding our cash flow. Ed has not only got everything up to date and keeps it all in order, but has also set up systems for us so we can easily see how we are going at any point. Getting Exdia on board has been one of the best decisions we have made in our business!”
Jono Anderson
Director - Natural Home Solutions

Your people

"When your team needs to focus and grow …"

Nurturing your team’s growth is a collaborative journey. We are here to support you with smooth and reliable payroll processing and easy set up for new employees.

Wendy loves her team, but she’s anxious. Something’s not right – well a couple of things actually …

Wendy’s team is super-dedicated to her, but she knows she’s been letting them down. As Wendy has been trying to grow her business, she’s been passing more and more financial and admin tasks to her staff. This has been great for Wendy’s time, but her team are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated trying to keep up with a role they weren’t hired for (and aren’t qualified for).

Not only that, but Wendy knows the pays haven’t been right. She’s always late getting them processed, and worse she’s really concerned whether she’s getting the basics right and square. She doesn’t want this to continue being a pressure point for herself and her staff.

Wendy can see that a bookkeeping and payroll specialist would be great, but she feels stuck. She wants her and her workers to have the benefits of having complex bookkeeping and payroll taken care of, but doesn’t know where to start, and doesn’t want to get locked into something unsuitable and messy.

Wendy is looking for a way to help her team that’s easy and smooth, and frees them up to focus on what they do best.


As a business owner, you want to get quality bookkeeping and payroll help for your team without costing an arm and a leg, but this can prove to be difficult:

  • You know an investment needs to be made, but you’re not sure of the best way forward
  • The option that looks obvious (hiring a new staff member) seems financially unviable and risky for you (especially with all the setup and on-costs)
  • You can do it yourself, but economically that may cripple your business growth even further
  • Taking no action (just continuing as-is) can lead you and your team to being in a rut, and feeling that it’s a hopeless situation


The effects on business owners and teams can be significant:

  • “What is the ongoing impact to me and my team (and to our health and families) of being stuck in this cycle of frustration?”
  • “Is there a way forward that makes good sense for me and my staff?”

We are here to help you navigate an affordable, economic way forward by:

  • Providing you a personalised, offsite, bookkeeping and payroll package that suits your exact business needs
  • Taking away the headache of recruiting and training a new hire for this specialised function
  • Giving you access to our team, here to support your team
  • Offering you the flexibility to scale services as your business changes, with no lock-in contracts

We want to ensure that as a business owner, your investment in quality bookkeeping and payroll makes absolutely good sense for your team, your business, and for you personally.

Portrait of young and successful co-workers in casual wear smiling at camera while standing in working space. Teamwork concept. Collaboration
“Upon engaging Exdia’s services we have always found Ed available and extremely helpful particularly in setting up reporting, payroll, payments, GST submissions as well as other statutory reporting requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ed and Exdia to any organisation looking for a professional and reliable business partner.”
John Simcocks
Head of Commercial & Operations (former) - Tiens Bio Tech Australia and New Zealand

Who we serve


“How did I get into this mess?”

It can happen to anyone … you get busy for a few months and then turn around to see that your books are out of control


“We’ve got the church bookkeeping blues!”

Many churches benefit from the work of faithful volunteers in various aspects of their ministry, including bookkeeping


“Why is bookkeeping so stressful?”

When you started or joined your not-for-profit organisation, you probably weren’t thinking about bookkeeping and accounts

Accounting Professionals

“I need good bookkeeping for my clients”

The relationship between an accountant and their client is a very important one

Some of the wonderful clients
we've worked with ...

What we do


Timely and accurate bookkeeping helps your organisation to breathe. Not only does it make your business operations run more smoothly, but it gives 


“Payroll is so complicated!”

This may be your experience, and it is totally understandable. Most people don’t start a business to


Does your heart sink when you think about your BAS?

You’re trying to get on with your work but you have this sickening feeling

System & Strategy

Where do I start with accounting software?

There are some truly superb accounting software options available to Australian businesses & organisations. 

Our Approach

We value our relationship with each and every client

Experienced bookkeepers

BAS Agents and the Tax Practitioners Board

Only registered BAS Agents are legally allowed to advertise and provide BAS Services (including PAYG and GST) for a fee. The Tax Practitioners Board strictly regulates the registration and activity of BAS Agents, including standards of conduct, qualifications, professional indemnity insurance, experience and continued professional education. Exdia Pty Ltd is a registered BAS Agent.

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Director Ed Johnson is a Member in Practice with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers – the largest bookkeeping institute in the world. This institute does a valuable job of promoting and maintaining standards of bookkeeping as a profession, covering areas like relevant qualifications, grades of membership that recognise the attainment of academic levels, relevant work experience and competence.

Any cloud-based software

Our experienced bookkeepers don’t lock you in to using a particular accounting software. Perhaps you’ve already got a cloud-based accounting software that you want to keep using. Our perhaps you are wanting advice on what accounting software to get. Or maybe you are wanting to change from one accounting software to another and want help, support and advice on the migration process. Whatever your situation, our experienced team is here to help.

Making it simple

We aim to make it very simple when we begin to assess your bookkeeping needs. For our experienced bookkeepers, it is so important to really hear out anyone who needs our professional bookkeeping advice. So regardless of whether you’re a small business owner, a church or not-for-profit we’re ready to assist and guide you. 

Meet the team

Our friendly, professional bookkeeping and payroll team is ready to help you – meet them here

Bookkeeping advice and business tips

One-click BAS, really?

This may be hard to believe, but I actually enjoy going to my local medical centre. It runs like a well-oiled machine, very impressive – sometimes I barely sit down in the waiting area before my name is called. The doctor sees me, types on his computer, says a few words and clicks his mouse and … out pops a prescription. Wow – one click, and it’s done!

Xero in on a great accounting software

Is there a single software that perfectly fits every conceivable situation? No, there’s not.
Are there great software options that do suit of large number of situations? Yes, there are.
And Xero is a good example, along with others like MYOB, QuickBooks and the like.

How to be a small business bookkeeping hero!

Well, ok, you can’t save the world – but you can sure make a difference to your team! Cover off these three areas well and you may be surprised at the compliments that come your way

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