We are...

Trained specialists

We understand that your bookkeeping and payroll can be complex and difficult. And we know that this can be a particular struggle for business owners and organisational leaders.

Your time. Your money. Your people.

Bookkeeping and payroll that works for you.

Operationally minded

Having nice figures is great, but the rubber hits the road with the operations of your business. We want to support the work of you and your team with:

  • Regular and effective financial processing
  • Useful and up-to-date financial reports
  • Insights and strategy to help you move forward

Relationship centred

Each of our clients is special to us, from the smallest sole trader to well-stablished companies or organisations. As your support partner, it’s important to us that:

  • We have a good understanding of you and what’s valuable to you
  • We are attending to your concerns and sorting out issues that affect you
  • We grow together with you, now and into the future

Team ready

Operating as a team means that we are bringing together a group of skills and experience that we get working for you. This team approach means that you have:


  • More that one person here to help you
  • Review, backup and continuity
  • Extensive knowledge of options and solutions

Action focussed

When you’re ready to make a change, so are we. Not only do we value strategy and planning, we also value doing. Our team is ready for you whether it’s:

  • Regular service covering you for your ongoing needs
  • Partial or one-off service, or short-term help (including training, or setup, or backlog)
  • Higher-level advice and strategy, ongoing or project-based

Flexibly customised

We don’t operate on a rigid approach when it comes to the services that are going to be most helpful for you. It may be that you have resources in your team still doing some aspects of your bookkeeping and payroll. We welcome this collaborative partnership to work together with you in the most effective way, so that:

  • You’re using your local resources effectively
  • You’re not spending money on things you don’t want or need
  • You’re getting the specific help that you are seeking

Technology adaptable

We see innovation as a friend, not an enemy. So, we’re on the lookout for ways to make technology work effectively for you. We don’t lock you in to particular software or applications, giving you freedom to explore the most suitable solutions for your team. So, we can:

  • Integrate with what you are currently using
  • Assist you to migrate to new systems as your requirements change
  • Explore new options with you that may increase your effectiveness

Safety proactive

Having access to cloud-based software is such a boost for today’s businesses. And while we can all enjoy this, we also place high importance on maintaining:


  • Good, solid cloud practices and backups
  • Sound security procedures amongst our entire team
  • Privacy and Data Breach policies that are clear and in writing

Network connected

As a long-standing business, we’ve had the privilege of developing great relationships with like-minded providers across a variety of fields. It’s a real pleasure for us to share contacts or introductions with you when you have other needs. This means you can have access to:


  • A trusted source of information on related referrals
  • Appropriate introductions to key services you may be exploring
  • A broader network beyond our team


"We’ve really valued Ed’s expertise, experience and professionalism. As a not-for-profit, Exdia has been hugely beneficial to our organisation."
Matt Sparks
Lead Pastor, Anchor Church Sydney
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