Accounting software setup services

Where do I start with accounting software?

There are some truly superb accounting software options available to Australian businesses and organisations.

It’s great to have so much variety, but how do you choose? What sort of features are going to be important to your business? What functionality is going to help you over the next year or two? How do you go about getting licensed and set up? What if you want to change from one software to another?

Exdia Bookkeeping Services can help you work out how to approach this important decision. We are not limited to one software, and we can look openly with you at what is going to be effective for your needs. Whether it’s Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Reckon, Saasu, Sage or some other option we can give you professional guidance, advice and setup service. And if you want to change software, talk to us and see how painless this can be with the right help.

So many accounting software settings!

Whatever software you choose, there’s always a bunch of settings that need to be configured.

And when you’re not used to it, it can look like a maze of confusing options. Things like your chart of accounts, your GST and PAYG settings, your opening/conversion balances and all your payroll settings. And then you’ve got a whole lot of other options in the sales, purchases, inventory and contact sections of you accounts!

Some of these settings are cosmetic, for example how your invoices look. But other settings provide an accounting backbone to your whole system. When they’re right, they’re great. But when they’re wrong … well it can just cause one problem after another. And the longer it goes on, the more time consuming and expensive it can be to fix.

Exdia Bookkeeping Services understands how difficult this can be, and doesn’t leave you high and dry when you set up your accounts. We can configure all of these settings for you, customised to your specific needs. Even if you’re already set up, we can review the settings that are being used, and recommend changes that may be helpful.

When you’re giving attention to customers and staff, you really want you accounting system to be helping, and not hindering you. Having your system expertly set up and maintained, along with personalised advice, can make a huge difference.

Go ahead and check out our business bookkeeping services!

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